About D'Amato

Construction Management, General Contracting & Owner Representative Services


The benchmark of our corporate ideology is understanding our mission. Whether we are building an affordable housing complex, hotel, educational facility or casino we understand that client service and quality construction are paramount. We work in partnership with the design professionals and our clients to ensure the vision of the project is translated to the end product. To accomplish this, research, teamwork, communication and innovation in construction technology are the tools we use to make every project a success.


D’Amato Builders + Advisors is using technology and innovation to meet the challenging needs of today’s construction market. Today’s fast paced and competitive marketplace requires more of a builder than just being on time and under budget.


Our construction professionals are empowered to provide solutions to the issues that arise during the construction process. They use the technologies available to immediately communicate issues, ideas and solutions to the project team. But more importantly they monitor and manage the outcome, understanding that we as a company are committed to timely performance and client satisfaction.

Our approach to the construction process and level of service provided sets us apart from our competition. We are creative, innovative and committed. Every project is unique but our commitment to satisfying our clients is unwavering.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of D’Amato Builders + Advisors, LLC to provide its clients with cost effective solutions to challenging construction and development issues. We are committed to partnering our highly skilled and trained construction professionals with owners, architects and engineers to ensure that function and vision are effectively translated into the final product. We will use the most current technologies and sustainable products to create a better environment and a higher quality building.

World-Class Management

DB+A has created an efficient, streamlined construction management style; the core of which is continuity. A single project manager handles each project form estimating to completion. The company employs professionals who have been involved on large-scale projects of every classification, including new construction and historical renovation. Combining extensive, diverse experience with strong internal controls and project management systems, DB+A provides each client with the highest level of professional service.

Our Dedicated Team

The employees at DB+A have built a reputation for being responsive to their clients. Outstanding dependability, experience and commitment to quality and safety distinguishes DB+A employees as recognized industry leaders. Their reputation and dedication to excellence provides clients with complete confidence that their needs will be satisfied. Working closely with their clients, employees clearly define objectives and responsibilities to minimize risk and become a productive partner in the successful completion of the project.