Goodspeed Opera Actor Housing
East Haddam, CT

D’Amato Builders + Advisors built new homes for the actors at the historical Goodspeed Opera House. The overall plan included building 14 new homes within walking distance to the Opera House. The homes were built in four areas: “The Homestead,” one block west of the Opera House on Creamery Road; “The Village,” next to the Lawton House on Route 82; “The Lone House,” next to the Courtney House on Route 82; and “The Hilltop Homes,” on Hem Street overlooking the McMillan Rehearsal Studio.

The new homes provide comfortable and attractive housing to the large number of top industry professionals who are essential to productions at the Opera House. The homes contain three or six bedrooms with shared kitchens and living rooms. Each bedroom has a private bathroom. One house has two one-bedroom “star apartments” for the leading actors.