Construction Manager as Advisor (CMA)

This integrated project delivery system creates a collaborative environment in which risks & rewards can be shared among team members.

Maximize Efficiency

Our knowledge of construction and industries we serve allows us to coordinate construction work and facility operations. This knowledge ensure our clients with maximum efficiency in design, construction, and operations.

Effective Communication

Communication is vital for any project to succeed. Proper coordination is achieved by excellent communication and that means communicating with the owner as well as the teams on the ground. As a construction professional with industry knowledge, we can effectively translate the owners needs to the field.

Coordinating Roles

Defining the roles each team plays in creates a unified project team with clear objectives and project mission. We know our role is to make sure each team member knows their responsibility to maximize efficiency and manage the outcome.

Understanding time, budget, resources, quality and decision making puts us above the rest.  With our vast knowledge of materials, working with people, global construction sites, and application of methodology and best practice, we know the right way to coordinate on a project and maximize the efficiency and coordination between many moving pieces.